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Brie Bella Turns to Acupuncture for Fertility

Yes, this blog discusses reality TV but stay with me for a second here. On the April 19, 2017 episode of WWE's Total Divas, Brie Bella seeks acupuncture treatment as a way to address her infertility struggles that she has been very public about during the past year. Having been unable to successfully conceive, she goes to acupuncture after hearing about how it can treat infertility - both through the acupuncture treatment itself as well as through other aspects of Oriental Medicine. More specifically, the acupuncturist who treated Brie also spoke with her about her diet, as your diet is important - especially when you are trying to become pregnant. In the case of Brie, the acupuncturist mentioned the importance of getting enough iron and protein in her diet as she had switched to a vegetarian diet prior to trying to conceive. Again, Oriental Medicine is a holistic medicine that incorporates lifestyle advice and recommendations, such as diet, along with the physical treatments like acupuncture, cupping and gua sha.

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